Let’s play together!

As I am building my portfolio, I am looking for interesting photo opportunities.

Photo Sessions

A regular photo session would be your typical family portrait, engagement photo shoot, boudoir session, pet photos, headshots, etc.  The session can take place in your home, out in a public location, or in a rented studio.

No Weddings?

No.  At this time, I will not offer services for weddings based on a simple fact.  I have one camera.  Professional wedding photographers should have 2-3 cameras and ample equipment so that if one piece fails, there will still be photos of this once in a lifetime opportunity.  I would be more than willing to be a second-shooter as an assistant to main photographer, but must turn down other offers.

However, I would LOVE to do a trash-the-dress photo session (the dress does not necessarily have to be ruined!) or an engagement session with you!

Client Education and Rights

Often, people hire a professional photographer without fully understanding their rights or the legalities of what they can or cannot do with the photos.  Whether you hire me or someone else, I implore you to read the page on Client FAQs for a better understanding.  It will help you to make sure you get what YOU want, at a price that is reasonable for both you and the photographer.


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