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November 29, 2011

Contest Results

Sorry I didn’t update you sooner on the results of the photo contest! The winner was announced on November 14, and it’s not me. The gallery of the images submitted wasn’t posted until today, so I had no idea what the winning image was until now.

While I’m disappointed, the image that won is a different style than I like for my own work –  and it’s actually one of the gargoyles . My version was very popular among the voters who helped me pick, but I ruled it out because it was a temporary decoration. I think the other image would have won even if I submitted mine, as the instructor likes HDR images. I don’t care much for the majority of HDR images out there, though it really suits the gargoyle in this instance! (I’ll explain a bit more about HDR images when I post about how I edited one of the photos I submitted, and why RAW format is so amazing – but you can also read about the definition here.)

You can see all the submissions in the Tamron gallery – some great images from all different levels of experience!

Thanks to everyone who participated in my contest-within-a-contest!  I am looking for an easy way to offer greeting cards with my images, in particular the gargoyle, but currently my portfolio site only offers them in an unusual size/ratio (very tall/narrow), so it looks like it will have to be a different online storefront entirely.  I’ll be sure to update you when that happens!