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August 18, 2011

Crazy Hazy Summer

I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!  I am, despite the heat and humidity being worse than usual – but then I’m about to fix the humidity part of that equation by camping in the desert.  It’s been busy over here, as we just bought an RV for our trip to Burning Man, and will be doing a cross country drive to get it home after!

A few weeks ago I had an amazing day in NYC at a photography workshop run by Neil Van Niekerk – if you are serious about learning photography, I can’t recommend his books/blog/workshops enough!  I haven’t even had time to finish up with the photos from that day to post them, but I’ll get to it after our trip.

My bigger priority was a photoshoot with another photographer from one of my forums – so often the photographer in the family never has a shot of the whole family, so our forum started up a pay-it-forward photoshoot swap among volunteers.  I didn’t need photos of us, as we have plenty (from Neil!) from our wedding, but I was anxious to apply what I learned  so I offered up a photoshoot.  Marie and I pored over google maps and looked at geotagged photos to find this great location in Hook Mountain, NY.  It was quite a hike for a hot and humid day, and the kids were feeling it too, but I was really pleased to meet her wonderful family and give her a few new family photos to remember the summer!

When we couldn’t get any more posing out of them, they had some rock skipping lessons!

Thanks Marie, and also thank you to your beautiful family! It was great to spend some time together along the Hudson.